WiFi Sharing Device

Affordable Internet Service

Spending $70 each month on home Internet service? Share it with neighbors and save over $300 per year!

You're In Control

You decide how much of your connection to share, so your own experience isn't impacted.

Easy Money

We get it. Talking with your neighbors about money is awkward, so we've made payments automatic. If the money stops flowing, service also stops, and automatically resumes once your neighbor pays up.



Great for neighbors: Apartments, condos, and houses within 30 feet of each other.


Plug it in

Just plug it and use our mobile app to set it up. Your neighbors connect to the "Open Garden" WiFi hotspot to get started.


Name your price

You decide if neighbors pay by the GB, or pay for unlimited monthly service. It's totally your call.


Gigabytes and megabytes

Share 100MB or 500GB, it's up to you! When creating a hotspot, you're always in control.


All the devices

Open Garden supports all your neighbors' phones, laptops, set-top boxes like Apple TVs, security cameras, light bulbs... whatever they want to connect!


Simple payments

Use PayPal to make payments. Open Garden makes it easy.

How to Install & Use OpenGarden OpenWRT Package


Open Garden Smartphone App

Join millions of others by turning your Android device into an Open Garden WiFi hotspot to share surplus connectivity.

google play
  • IC_MOBILE Offer up your excess bandwidth by creating an Open Garden WiFi hotspot. Get paid!
  • IC_MOBILE Surf the web without being spied on thanks to a secure connection.
  • IC_MOBILE Save money by purchasing connectivity from other Open Garden users.
  • IC_MOBILE Ideal for anyone with an Internet connection who wants to revolutionize the web.