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Open Garden enables anyone to become a micro-ISP by sharing their broadband or mobile Internet service with people nearby. This revolutionary network protocol enables everyone to offer up surplus bandwidth in exchange for cryptocurrency, or purchase Internet service from other people nearby.



    VPN encryption stops spying ISPs and government censorship (coming soon).



    Decentralized peer-to-peer network ensures net neutrality throughout the galaxy.



    Mesh networking protocols battle-tested in FireChat app (5M+ downloads).



    Build community networks to exchange bandwidth and save money.

Get to Know the OG Token

The Open Garden Token (OG) is our cryptocurrency, enabling everyone in the Open Garden community to buy and sell Internet service through the app.

  • Simple transactions happen in the background. No need to be a crypto expert.
  • Providers earn OG, and can use that to offset their own connection costs.
  • Exchange OG for other cryptocurrencies, or fiat currency like $USD (coming soon).
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Billions of free OG Tokens will be up for grabs as people build
out the network.

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