Everyone is a Hotspot

The Open Garden peer-to-peer mesh network protocol enables millions of people
to join together and provide decentralized Internet access for all.
We’ve built the complete protocol into our Open Garden smartphone apps, and
we plan to open source the protocol for others to build into their own apps and hardware.

Beyond Broadband

Open Garden eclipses old school ISPs by allowing anyone to
securely share their excess fixed broadband or mobile bandwidth and earn
our cryptocurrency, OG Token.

  • IC_TIERS Control how much bandwidth and data to offer to the network. You set the speed limit, and the overall data limit.
  • IC_MICRO Set the price others pay for your surplus bandwidth.

A New Hope for an Open Internet

Our decentralized protocol offers censorship-resistant security and VPN encryption that takes control
back from unscrupulous ISPs, government agencies and hostile regimes to restore net neutrality. When people build the
Internet themselves, no evil empire can control it.