Open Garden Smartphone App

Join millions of others by turning your Android device into an Open Garden WiFi hotspot to share surplus connectivity.

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  • IC_MOBILE Become a mobile ISP by offering up your excess cable, DSL or LTE bandwidth.
  • IC_VPN ENCRYPTION Surf the web without being spied on thanks to VPN encryption (coming soon).
  • IC_SAVE MONEY Save money by buying connectivity from other Open Garden users.
  • IC_SMARTPHONE Ideal for anyone with an Internet connection who wants to revolutionize the web.

*iOS app for connecting to Open Garden hotspots coming soon.

Open Garden Wireless Router (Coming Soon)

Quickly and easily create a new Open Garden hotspot with our wireless router. Already have a WiFi network at home? No problem! Add Open Garden’s wireless router to the mix and easily extend your existing network to securely share bandwidth with people nearby.

  • IC_MICRO Become a micro-ISP by securely offering your surplus broadband capacity to your friends and neighbors.
  • IC_TIERS Create both free and paid service tiers for people to choose from. Pricing is entirely up to you.
  • IC_MICRO Ideal for apartment buildings, condominiums, cafe owners and Internet rebels.